Where are all of the best XPage videos?

I have seen a lot of XPage videos over the past couple of years.  If I was to point a person who is interested in learning XPages with videos where would they start?  Even if you search YouTube for just XPages you get a ton of hits but nothing in a specific order.  I also checked out the XPages Wiki and it certainly has a getting started area but doesn’t reference any of these videos I have seen.

Has anyone compiled a list of videos and put them in a “start here” to “advanced” order?  I think this would be a great addition to XPages.info.


5 thoughts on “Where are all of the best XPage videos?

  1. I have a LOT of free videos on NotesIn9.com. All of the XPages specific videos are also contained on XPages.TV which has the goal of better cataloging not just my NotesIn9 videos, but other XPages videos on the net.

    XPages.TV is referenced under the Resources section of XPages.Info. Currently XPages.TV is really just a place holder for now until I can get a more polished XPages application underneath it to manage the content. Hopefully that will happen soon.

    When XPages.TV is more of a real website, I’ll request to the openNTF committee to see if there’s a way to make it more prominent on xpages.info – but that will be up to them.


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