IPhone/Mobile theme for WordPress sites

I was checking out various plug-ins on the WordPress site and came across this little gem (WPTouch).  This plug-in gives your site a theme that makes the site iPhone or mobile compatible.  The actual use of the application very good and it looks just like an iPhone application when viewed on the iPhone.

Great job on this plugin guys!

1 thought on “IPhone/Mobile theme for WordPress sites

  1. Nice design!

    Unfortunately I am using Blogger … but after a little research I found this one: http://bloggertouch.sopili.net/mobile-edition-maker

    So now even as a Blogger user you can take advantage of the same cool design (as long as you don’t mind using an external site for this).

    You just have to add the widget code into your sidebar and it will redirect mobile devices to the mobile page. As the redirection happens as soon as the widget is loaded it’s helpful to put this as much on the top as possible. At first I added it at the bottom of the sidebar and it then loaded the full page almost completely first before redirecting.

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