New OpenNTF Project – Multiple Database Search

Myself and Igor have just uploaded a new OpenNTF project – Multiple Database Search!

The new plug-in can be installed using the Widget below – so yes, this is a Widget that installs Eclipse plug-ins!  What we did was extend the current search user interface (the toolbar to be exact) so it looks completely integrated with the Lotus Notes client.  The tool will search specific fields or do a full text search across all of the databases and consolidate the results into a single result set.

You can install the plug-in using the widget below into your My Widgets panel in the Lotus Notes client.  If you want to learn how to enable My Widgets in your Lotus Notes client you can view a video here.

Drag image to your My Widgets panel

As with all Open Source tools and code any and all input is welcome!

25 thoughts on “New OpenNTF Project – Multiple Database Search

  1. Bob, can you check out the OpenNTF project called Haystack? It’s a Lotusscript implementation of this idea. There might be some useful techniques and/or code there. If I remember correctly, I released it as Apache, so you should be totally free to reuse.


  2. Wow? Works great. In same category as Filenavigator (we will considering to deploy it to all our users ~ 11.000). Local database only in the current version or forever?


  3. Is the Multi-DB search widget still available? Widget install errors trying to connect to “http://blog/ Verify the url and check to see if requires authentication and then try again.”

  4. HI,

    cool. Its nearly a replacement for desktop search. Is there a posibility to add the windows search in the same result window? This would lead to a cmomplete over view when chat is either in a database or in the mail file, all related databases can be search and at the end also the file system is included.

  5. In fact I believe I celebrated to early. The search is working perfectly, but once the results list is shown and I click in one of the results I get the message: “The document specified by the link cannot be located within the linked-to database.”
    Any clues?

      • Hello Bob, sorry for taking me so long to reply.
        It does happen with all links.
        I´m interested into search on my email archives. (I close one year end of the year)
        They are all local replicas.

      • Hello Bob, I hope you are doing well.
        Did you have the chance to check this issue I am experiencing?

        Thanks a lot!

  6. Hi Bob,
    first of all I’d like to thank you for setting up this great feature. I was able to install it a few weeks ago. Yesterday I tried to install it in another environment and it failed all the time. After checking my logs it seems, that the necessary files no longer exist in the original folders while the widget connects to your site during setup. Same issue to the OpenNTF package. Maybe kind of issue after moving your blog to wordpress? Is there a chance of fixing this so that setting up the widget is working again? Would be perfect, thx a lot 🙂

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  8. Thank you for your widget is amazing. But I have a little problem. I have all my local databases out of the “local data directory” of Notes in unit D:\. And I can only add the local databases that are in the C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\Data. How can I add my local databases that are ubicated out of this directory?.
    Thanks in advance.

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