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So there has been a lot of discussion both internally and externally about the attachment viewer and if it should support viewing Microsoft Office and Symphony files.  One solution would be to extend the attachment viewer that uses API’s to do the previewing of the files.  This of course would require Open Office to be installed on the desktop.  So I ask this question, is that even a viable option for companies at this point? What is the reality of relying on an open source office suite?  We could even use Symphony to do the conversion and preview but I am not confident enough people actually use Symphony (except IBM) on an enterprise level.  So what are you thoughts?  Feel free to comment here or email me privately.  I would be interested to hear direct feedback on this before I go off and attempt anything.

4 thoughts on “Attachment viewer and OpenOffice

  1. We are deploying Notes 8.51 to 12.000 users not installing symphony. Clear decision: MS Office is standard. No additional software which maybe cause help desk tickets.
    Conclusion: Attachment viewer with MS Office support yes but via openoffice components would not help us.

  2. Small sample but we install Symphony during the Notes installs (it is optional to use) and I do see us moving to an open office solution in the future. Could the attachment viewer “detect” if symphony is installed and enable viewing some additional extensions (word, symphony, etc) based on this flag?


  3. In Spain there is a movement from MS Office to OpenOffice suite, specially in medium / big enterprises. Why? They don’t want to waste more money in MS Office licenses. Basic office users don’t need Ms Office to make a simple text document, basic presentation or a spreadsheet. So now, there is a coexistence between Ms Office and OpenOffice. Also there are computers with both suites because they need to run a macro o program made in Access. So, sincerely there is a clear need of both formats. When we will deploy Symphony “officially”? When the gold version is out.

    Also, same as Elijah Lapson has said.

    Regards, Albert.

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