Are any Lotus customers building Open Social gadgets today?

What about iWidgets?  I would like to hear from the readers of this blog who have interest in either of these areas and to what extent?.  I would imagine more business partners might be engaged with iWidgets and OS Gadgets more than actual enterprise customers today.  However, as more and more hybrid architectures that bring clouds into their infrastructure I can see companies wanting more re-usable widgets in the cloud.

Even if you are not engaged with these widget standards today, do you plan to be?

3 thoughts on “Are any Lotus customers building Open Social gadgets today?

  1. We’re looking into widgets for our products but the variety of specifications make it difficult. Should be bet on iWidgets, Google gadgets or OpenSocial? As an IBM partner iWidgets looks like the sure winner but the complexity in writing males it hard. Do I really have to download and install either Lotus Connections, Websphere Business Process Server or Rational App Developer (all 3 gb) to test? A simple test environment would go a long way.

  2. @Mikkel, do you have a Greenhouse account? One of the products you can try out on there is Mashup Maker. You can upload and try out your iWidgets there. The link Bob supplied above is a good way to test OpenSocial gadgets in the IDE, or you can download Tomcat and Shindig to test with.

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