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Myself and colleague (Igor Belakovskiy) will be publishing a new widget on OpenNTF that gives the end user the ability to search N number of local databases.  The first version only supports local; and yes we have plans on supporting remote servers also.   I wanted to get a broader interest in this plug-in from my reader community.  It will be distributed internally for now until we work out any glaring issues.  We plan on publishing it within the next couple of weeks.  Some key takeaways from a developer perspective are this:

  • Eclipse preference page integration
    • Preference store use
  • Back-end Java API use
  • Lotus Notes Search integration (using the extension point)
  • Integration with the search results page
  • Multithreading techniques

So in short, this solution integrates naturally with the existing search options in the Lotus Notes client.  So the user get’s a familiar look and feel.  The performance will be based on whether the databases you select are full text indexed or not.

More to come…

7 thoughts on “Multiple database search widget

  1. Good times.
    Be sure to check out the Plugin -> C XML call too.
    That will leverage some index metadata hotness for added speed by skipping view logic.

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