IPhone and “No SIM Card Installed” message

I normally do not write on the weekends and even more so I usually schedule my posts from the night before or even several days in advance.  These circumstance however, are different.  I accidentally dropped my iPhone and it immediately display “No Service” and a pop-up message “No SIM card installed’.  I restarted the device, nothing changed.  I started scouring the internet and it looks like this is a common problem.

The problem was the SIM card was not “in” all of the way – apparently.  From many posts on the internet this seems to be a common problem but in all cases the people visually saw the SIM card sticking out.  Well, guess what?  Mine looked fine!  Which make my solution even more strange.  I simply pressed on the SIM card and it came alive.  The card was not sticking out and it didn’t even appear to move but it worked.


3 thoughts on “IPhone and “No SIM Card Installed” message

    • That is the solution! And get this, about two weeks ago I removed the cover so its just a bare iPhone. I have found its just too slippery and I am constantly losing grip on it.

  1. I’m all for the naked iPhone vs. any one of the fancy covers. I bought this slick device for its sleekness (along with a list of other reasons) and would hate to make it another bulky mobile device. I vote for you to keep it classic.

    On my end, each drop has been a scary event, but I manage the risk with my own balance of delicate behavior and my version of the death grip (only 3GS). And I have confirmed that one can buy parts to replace the glass, backing, etc… But, you probably knew that already.

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