Microsoft versus Lotus – a nice site to check out

Tonight I am checking out a discussion on LinkedIn and this site was posted in one of the responses.  The site is in Dutch but you can get the main idea using Google Translate.  The author has some pretty good and in depth analysis on the two companies and their social software and collaboration capabilities and has been blogging about it for a while.

Personally I see more opportunities for IBMs strategy.

Where a pure Exchange messaging product, Lotus Domino is a complete application platform. Hoewel er heel wat bedrijven zijn die slechts de mailfunctionaliteit van Lotus Domino gebruiken, blijft het feit staan dat ze daarmee een product hebben waarmee indien goed gebruikt men de productiviteit van de medewerkers flink kan verhogen zonder dat dit geld voor extra licenties hoeft te kosten. Although there are many companies that only the email functionality of Lotus Domino using ICT, the fact that they are thus a product that when used properly the productivity of employees can increase substantially without any money for additional licenses inexpensive.

I can not do this site justice  – you will need to check it out yourself.

In English using Google Translate.

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