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I have been asked a few times where one can get the Composite Application Debug tools.  They use to be available on the Lotus Sandbox which has been taken down but can now be accessed on Peter’s “Banana’s” site here.  The tool includes the Property Broker Monitor and the Topology Peek tool.

Property Broker Monitor:
This tool is used for run time analysis of the property broker registry and events happening in the broker. The different tabs are dynamic and represent real-time events and data. They will all change as the environment changes around it. You can accomplish the following with the tool:

  • Use the Console tab to see the different events happening in the broker.
  • The Current Page tab shows the components on the current page. It shows the actions and parameters for each of the components.
  • The Active Actions tab shows all active registered actions currently in the broker.
  • Active Wires tab shows all of the currently enabled wires in the broker.
  • Trace Properties with additional logging.

Topology Peek:
This tool is used to see what the internal topology cache for the installed composite application looks like. It shows in a UI what is currently present in the cache. In general, if it is not in the Topology Peek it is not in the cached presentation of the application. This can assist in what the applications consists of on the client and should be refreshed when CA XML and definitions change on the fly.

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