New Mail Rule Utilities Widget is available

I had gotten this request several times over the past couple of weeks so I figured I would just create a widget to install the latest Mail Utilities.  I also posted the link to the OpenNTF project for convenience.

You can drag and drop this extension.xml into your My Widgets panel in Lotus Notes 8.5.1 and above.  For a quick video on how to enable My Widgets in your Notes client you can watch the video I created for the Attachment Viewer.

5 thoughts on “New Mail Rule Utilities Widget is available

  1. Hi Bob,

    you made a great tool. Unfortunately I have such a long list of mail rules that as soon as the scroll bar is needed the drop down and buttons (run / close) disappear. Any suggestions for work-around?

    Thank you in advance & kind regards

  2. It indeed is a great tool. And I ever successfully use it in my desktop PC. but somehow, when i was trying to install it in a laptop running windows 7, it just didn’t work. It was installed correctly as the way i used to do. But when I run it, a small error window pops up. I can not read what is the error about. I am wondering if anyone else encounter similar problem as me?

    Bob, do you have any idea?

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