New Attachment Viewer posted!

You can NOW (thanks Kevin) download the Attachment Viewer I mentioned yesterday.  Not a lot in this release but it will help with performance in the Notes client when the viewer is minimized in the side-bar.  You can also install the viewer from the extensions.xml from yesterdays post.

– Fixed viewer to not process selection if view part is minimized
– Added a “pin” icon to the UI to pin an attachment

4 thoughts on “New Attachment Viewer posted!

  1. Very cool ! Tested on Lotus Notes 8.5.2 in Spanish on an iMac.

    Suggestion: perhaps it would be a good idea to show up a “Help” section or “About it” on a right click and explain in a few words the type of attachments supported (the most useful for end users: PDF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, MP4, FLV….). This would avoid a few calls to the helpdesk team… “Why I can’t see my word document in my Attachment Viewer…” 😉

    Thanks a lot for one of the most useful widgets for the Notes sidebar!

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