Eclipse sessions at Lotusphere?

While I have some customers read my blog I think I mostly have IBMer’s and business partners more than customers, so I am not sure if my blog attracts the right demographic to ask this question.  I know the business partner space does have Eclipse based extensions to Sametime and Notes and may or may not want to see more information on this subject.  So I am going to ask two questions:

Do you want to see Eclipse sessions at Lotusphere this year?  (Yes, No)

What level of expertise do you want to see for the sessions?

  1. Introduction to Eclipse plug-ins, features and the Expeditor Toolkit
  2. Beginning plug-in development
  3. Advanced plug-in development – using Notes Java API’s, Workbench Listeners, Expeditor API’s
  4. Deploying Eclipse plugins – Widgets, Updates Sites, etc

I do think a BOF is warranted and will most likely be accepted so people can share their experiences in this space with others.

So if you have time to answer these on this blog or email me at bob [at] balfes [dot] net that would be great. If you could identify yourself and your company that would be great.

6 thoughts on “Eclipse sessions at Lotusphere?

  1. Yes, please show that eclipse technology is still alive in the Lotus Notes client. My company has invested heavily to lift our notes applications to the eclipse technology level. The biggest problem with this process was the weak documentation of everything in the expeditor area. So sessions at lotusphere about this topics will really help.

    To your second question. I think the basic topics are described in the wiki well, so i will vote for option 3 Advanced plugin development.

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