First Explosion using Blender

I love the open source community.  The amazing Super3Boy has a really good set of tutorials and is extremely popular in the Blender community.  Following his 24th tutorial video I was able to create a basic explosion.  In the end, after playing with the many settings it looks more like a gravitational pulling apart video, or something like that, then an explosion but anyway, its pretty cool.

3 thoughts on “First Explosion using Blender

  1. Neat! If I weren’t so busy with software I’d miss doing CGI. I tried to get into Blender but after coming from years on LightWave it was too much time and I rememberid I gave it up because I needed to focus on development.

    The approach I used for a cool ship explosion in space (bear in mind, this is all LightWave 3.0/4.0 terminology!):

    Object 1 was the ship itself. I was creating an explosive decompression effect of a section of the hull in several compartments due to a torpedo hit.

    Object 2 was a clone of sections of the hull that were to explode out. I used the boolean subtraction tool in LW of this obj against obj1 so that the hull panels were in place and ready to blow and left nice holes in the hull when removed. Some interior “compartments” were added to the ship object for the reveal and to provide a back splash for the lights.

    the torpedo was a simple light on a spline path with motion blur filtering turned on. It streaks in over just under 18 frames and then a good dramatic pause later, a third object hiding in the ship with a very bright fractal cloud pattern for luminosity and transparency expands rapidly “pushing” the panels object out with it. This was the “explosion” gas. (with more time I would have boolean subtracted it against the hull holes and extruded it so it “jetted” out) At the same time a number of light objects of various colors ramp their luminosity up and down in spikes in the explosion area with lens flares turned on, clipping behind objects. This gave the effect of small secondary explosions occurring.

    The end result was pretty cool though short lived for all the choreography that went into it. Looked nice on the old Demo reel. All that on an Amiga 1200 direct to VHS. 🙂

    Timing is a tricky thing to get right with animation. You sometimes have to under think what you want to show or think of not so much what you are trying to illustrate but what it would look like to the human eye.
    Good luck with you future endeavors – it’s a lot of fun to get into 3D CGI and will consume hours and hours of your life, as you are no doubt learning. 😀

  2. I do, along with a couple of related relics. Given the right frame of mind I could set up and run an A500, A1200 and A600. Loved those machines. Boon companions all through college days and beyond. Used the A600 for hours of 2D cell animation. I’m getting all nostalgic now. 🙂

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