Facebook changes…again…

I like how Facebook just changes its UI somewhat randomly.  I am sure they announce this stuff somewhere but from a casual users perspective its pretty annoying.  I log on to FB tonight and notice the “Share” field is now gone and I have to click an option of what I want to share:

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So is this how the cloud works?  Will applications in the cloud “just change” one day when a user logs in?  I wonder how this would fly in real enterprises.  I know when I worked at a large company in IT there had to be all kinds of training, warnings, etc that a new version was coming.  This just seems to easy to frustrate the average employee.

One key thing that may distinguish cloud based applications from on premise custom applications is that they are so intuitive it doesn’t even matter if the stuff changes.  Unfortunately FB has not been so intuitive.  I remember several changes totally frustrated me in the past.  This one change is minor but its funny how I immediately noticed it because I could just click in a field and start typing!

3 thoughts on “Facebook changes…again…

  1. Since we don’t pay anything to use FB, is it realistic to expect notifications about changes to the application? FB is what it is and they are very successful doing things their way. I don’t expect them to start asking for any input from me on pending changes. I just take it for what it is, use the pieces I like and avoid the pieces I don’t like.

    • We don’t pay for it but if they upset users every other day for whatever reason they would lose users and in essence lose revenue. So they must take this into account at some level.

  2. Little bit of pain keeps you coming back over and over again. It’s a known marketing strategy to introduce pain to ensure that users recognize and re-associate with the brand.

    There is a great TED talk on this. If I remember correctly, Johnsons&Johnsons had to add some alcohol in their shampoo to sting people to realize that it was working. Their pre-sting version (better from development side) was loosing market share.

    Strategic dose of just the right amount of pain = increases value/perception.

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