Dojo woes went away with Dojo 1.5

I learned a big lesson creating the attachment viewer as shown in my previous post (Attachment Viewer on Steroids).  I was struggling to use the slide show user interface.  For the life of me I could not figure out why it was not working and from the samples provided everything I was doing seemed right.  Out of the blue I had a late night vision to look at the Dojo version I was using.  I often dream of JavaScript and Dojo in my deep sleep – so that was nothing new.  The next, I realized I was using Dojo 1.4.  I decided to change the one line of code to point to the Google Dojo 1.5 CDN:

Viola!  The rendering worked just by changing that one line!  I am not sure what I was doing right or wrong but I do know that this was very frustrating and wanted to pass it on.  If you are using “dijit.layout.StackContainer” with “dijit.layout.ContentPane” and are seeing some strange things then try Dojo 1.5.

I really wanted to dive on the two versions of Dojo to write about what exactly was the problem but I have been too swamped to take that dive.  Hopefully this helps out others.

Slide Show

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