Learn about deploying features, plugins and widgets

This is a really good web cast about Eclipse Features, Plug-ins and how they are deployed and installed into Lotus Notes.  Chris Miller does a great job explaining the difference between plugins, features and widgets.  I really like how Chris talks about Eclipse Features – many do not understand or even realize what a Feature is.  If you want to know this stuff make sure you watch and listen to his great web cast about these new packaging models in the Lotus Notes 8.x client. You can see his original post or you can just watch the embedded replay below.

Education like this is very important.  More and more companies develop plugins and widgets; as an administrator you need to know how the plugin and widget get deployed and then, more importantly, how they are updated or removed.


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  1. Thanks for the compliment. The feedback on this one has been great. There are two follow-ups coming. One will be more advanced building a catalog and update site. The other will be on plug-in and widget development. The schedule will be posted to http://ConsultantInYourPocket.com but I strongly suggest people just subscribe to the newsletter (upper right corner of site) that gives the schedule and replay announcements as well. Or RSS come to think of it 🙂

    Thanks again

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