I really can not stand this!

Does anyone else hate this new collapsing block of advertisements you see on some sites now?  The ad initially expands and pushes the content of the article down the page and you either wait for it to disappear (scroll back up) or click the close button.  This has got to be the most annoying advertisement method I have ever seen on the web!  I actually get extremely annoyed daily on one of my favorite sites:, InfoWorld.  I am sure some marketing person thought this was a great idea.  I for one absolutely hate it.  Put your ads on the top, the side, or throughout.  I don’t care.  Just don’t make blocks scrolling around uncontrollably.

5 thoughts on “I really can not stand this!

  1. I use the adblock plus addon in Firefox. The internet is so much less annoying when the ads just don’t appear.

    The most annoying and dangerous ads are nearly always served from a server other than the site you are going to. Those servers are on a blacklist you select when you first use adblock plus.

  2. What bothers me is the sheer idiocy of making advertising that is so invasive and annoying, people such as Bob (or any of the rest of us) are driven to block all the ads. If they are kept present but less intrusive, fewer people will block the ads and fewer people will associate your product with annoying ads. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

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