3D animations with an amazing free tool

There is a side of me that has a huge interest in virtual reality, 3D modeling, and gaming. It has always has been a hobby to do this kind of stuff and as the open source community grows and the tools and techniques are becoming better and better the interest level increases. I took some time and went through a few Blender tutorials – which I am amazed how large the Blender community is. Bottom line – if you like graphic arts, 3D modeling or animations then Blender is an amazing tool to start with or get involved in.  There is even an artist site where people who have created graphics with Blender collaborate on.

The first tutorial I went through showed how you can easily animate a bouncing ball.  This tutorial shows you the basics of the animation concepts with Blender.   I created a bouncing ball but then did a few more things to play with movement and rotations.  Here was my first Blender animation:

The output of Blender is very nice. I was first having the output be a series of JPG’s until I changed the output settings. I ended up just choosing AVI and then uploading that to YouTube (the video you see above).

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