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So I went ahead and tested a new feature in WordPress called “Press this” which basically fills in my blog post for me, quoting the selected browser text, filling in the post title and providing a like at the bottom.  Not sure I will use this a lot as I don’t usually regurgitate others content on my blog often unless its something shocking.  I did find this article interesting and his ending statement I believe is very true but I also know there are exceptions out there.

I’m not going to make friends saying this: The jobs are there. Unemployed developers are unemployed for a reason. They haven’t kept their skills current; they haven’t learned to sell themselves well in job interviews; and in some cases they’re simply on the wrong side of the bell curve — people who have chosen the wrong field and wouldn’t make good hires.

Somewhere there’s an MBA student in search of a research topic who could probably go beyond my impressions to provide solid evidence. Until that happens, this is the best answer I have.

via Feast or famine? The IT job outlook | Adventures in IT – InfoWorld.

2 thoughts on “Feast or famine? The IT job outlook | Adventures in IT – InfoWorld

  1. Let me preface this by stating that I have a job. But for the past few years I’ve watched some really talented Notes people struggle.

    “The jobs are there.”

    For many in the Notes world, “there” means “not here in the city that I live in”.

    “They haven’t kept their skills current”

    Many in the Notes world have come to the sad conclusion that if they don’t won’t to move, having bleeding edge Lotus Notes skills, (including XPages skills) doesn’t mean you have ‘current skills’.

    “they haven’t learned to sell themselves well in job interviews”

    Yet they write well in their blogs and present themselves well when they give presentations at Lotusphere.

    I don’t have an answer, but when I read an article a few days ago on the fight between M$ and Google over the email contract for the state of California and Lotus wasn’t even mentioned, it makes me wonder if it’s not too late.


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