Java risks becoming a kind of modern-day Cobol

Talk about impeccable timing (link), maybe Neil is stalking my blog!  The title to this post is from an article Neil McAllister just posted on InfoWorld.  Neil talks about the exact same things I had mentioned yesterday and then some.  His spin is, this could mean the end of Java due to the issues Oracle is having with the other major players of Java like Google.  I think Google is a major consumer of Java and getting them off of Java any time soon would be shocking, but like I stated yesterday, JavaScript is showing some promising momentum on the server side.  I also agree that JavaFX has not made any headway in the market and that may be because of Flash and the promising API’s of HTML 5 looming over the industry.  Already many browsers support Canvas and the mobile browsers are actually ahead of the game.

While Java eventually found its niche as a server-side application language, JavaScript trounced it in the browser. Today, projects such as CommonJS and Node.js are extending JavaScript even further, allowing it to take on Java’s traditional role in the data center. In a fascinating role reversal, JavaScript is becoming the versatile, powerful, all-purpose language for the Web, while Java risks becoming a kind of modern-day Cobol. – link

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