Node.js is getting some momentum

Tonight I am messing around on the net looking for all I can find about Node.js.  I like JavaScript for a lot of reasons but I would never have thought it to be a server side scripting language.  The Node.js stuff is pretty amazing however.  They use the CommJS package system, which is very similar to Dojo’s but in my opinion much better because it forces a one-to-one modular approach between class and file.  I started messing around with it and it seems very fast; but I certainly am no benchmark expert in this area.

I then saw a cloud based service that supports Facebook called Joyent.  These guys built an entire cloud based application offering based on server side JavaScript.  It appears from a few posts their server is based on SpiderMonkey and not NodeJS but there is talk they will be moving to NodeJS.

In short, I think I like this idea and concept.  If you can remove the complexity of creating complex servlets/php/rails based applications using a common language like JavaScript it can only be a good thing right?  It also seems that because it does support many platforms and some key threading techniques out of the box it might be a viable approach.

Node is tested on Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris. It also runs on Windows/Cygwin, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.

Node tells the operating system (through epoll, kqueue, /dev/poll, or select) that it should be notified when a new connection is made, and then it goes to sleep. If someone new connects, then it executes the callback. Each connection is only a small heap allocation. – nodejs

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    • Yes but this is a little different. Node.js and the other frameworks are at a very low level and not compiled into Java in some cases. While XPages let’s the developers code JS its not exactly the same thing as a Node.js.

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