All software should implement CTRL+ and CTRL-

I must be a FireFox advocate or at least like the zoom in and out shortcuts because I find myself using CTRL+/- in many places like Notes, Symphony, etc.  The only problem is the keys do nothing in them!

Who is with me?

6 thoughts on “All software should implement CTRL+ and CTRL-

  1. I’ll go with that, but why stop there. I want every app to close the current window when I click the “ESC” key!

  2. Funny just a few minutes before I saw this post, I was thinking how I seem to be using CTRL quite a bit more these days to read web sites. Agree it should be universal.

  3. Totally with you! Does this not work with xpages in the client?

    I have found that a surprisingly large number of users have some sort of eyesight issue that makes them want to tweak font size and resolution setting in both Notes and Windows. As a developer trying to size screen elements that include text labels (e.g. tabs), it can be a royal pain to anticipate all the ways users will “break” your UI. Something like this might go a long way to help with that problem too.

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