CouchDB scales, it’s not a slogan, its science!

Check out this impressive write-up about CouchDb.   Remember Dr. Cox at Lotusphere 2010 and the CERN project?

Metson says the learning curve for CouchDB is quite shallow. In fact, DMWM had a summer intern with some programming experience, but no experience in CouchDB, who was able to build a simple data quality evaluation application using the database. The only drawback, Metson says, is that you may need to do a lot of unlearning if you’re well versed in SQL. “The more you know Oracle, the harder it is to pick up,” he says.

Link:  Why Large Hadron Collider Scientists are Using CouchDB

4 thoughts on “CouchDB scales, it’s not a slogan, its science!

  1. Great article – you could easily insert ‘Lotus Notes’ for CouchDB for all of the reasons they chose a NoSQL approach. IBM seems to be very late in promoting Notes/Domino in this space.

  2. With its current limitation of 64 GB it would take a lot of Notes databases for storing 10 Petabyte. Also the view index size is limited to about 130 MB. Storing large amounts of small files has never been a strength of Lotus Notes.
    As much as I would like to insert Lotus Notes here. With its, as it seems still 16 Bit core, you won’t get anywhere with it. Fortunately not everyone needs to store Petabytes of data.

  3. @Henning – What is with everybody thinking that a view index tops out at 130MB? The listed limit is 128GB, and I’ve got view indexes of several GB in production with trillions of lookups happening on them that work just fine.

  4. Erik maybe you are correct although with a 64 GB limit on nsf I have no clue how the view index may grow to 128GB.
    I am not everybody but maybe many think this is true because it was once written in the Notes documentation (although this was around the R6 timeframe), see
    Most limits have not been changed for many years so even better to hear that this one does not exist anymore (or never existed, who knows).
    I stand corrected here and although I only have experience with less than 1 mio records in a Notes database I doubt that nsf would be a good fit for storing petabytes.

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