I think I hate GMail email threads and the reply history

I am not sure if I am on this island alone but when there are a lot of responses in an email thread the GMail UI gets unbearable!  I quickly get lost on where a reply is, to what section of the thread, etc.  And navigating down the thread is just cumbersome.  Unfortunately I have been using GMail for a couple of years and this has not gotten any better.  Is there a way to not thread messages in this way?  I did not see a setting.

3 thoughts on “I think I hate GMail email threads and the reply history

  1. I hate it too. My wife actually volunteered that she liked using Notes/iNotes (8.5) better, especially after she overlooked an important message in gmail in large part because of this confusing UI.

  2. Exactly. I never understood why the Notes UI is so often criticised and Gmail gets away with their nconventional UI. It took me a while before I discovered the ‘compose mail’ button/link. Why is the most important button so small. Only the second most important function (Reply) is smaller.

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