Demo: Attachment viewer supports JAR files and ODF thumbnails!

A new extension has been added to the attachment viewer to support ODF thumbnails. As I learned from a colleague last week the ODF file format is really just an archive (ZIP to be exact) so the same Java API’s I used for the ZIP provider work equally as well in the ODF file provider. I enhanced the ODF provider to only show image files since there is a lot of directory structure and XML in the file. This of course will be replaced when we get a true ODF viewer. Lastly, I also added JAR file support to the ZIP file provider. The API’s work against JAR files also so this change was also trivial. One thing to keep in mind, the viewing of very large archives is extremely slow because I am cracking open each supported file in the archive so be patient on large files.

Stay tuned to OpenNTF for the new version, coming soon…

Check out the demo video in the more section!


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