Poll: How do you want to preview attachments?

I have been playing with the attachment viewer a lot lately and over the weekend I figured out how to show the thumbnails from files based on the Open Document Format (ODF).  I learned, thanks to some colleagues, that these files are really just zip files and showing those thumbnails is as easy as using the zip viewer I just created.  Anyway, there have been a lot of discussions on where people want to view attachments.  Lots of opinions!

So this poll is to ask you, where and how do you want to view attachments?  I hope I got all of the basic options in the poll.  Go ahead and select all that you would want to see.

[poll id=”13″]

3 thoughts on “Poll: How do you want to preview attachments?

  1. I was a little confused by the choices. What I really like about Windows 7 is the mouseover features of the taskbar, where a mouseover an application icon yields a thumbnail panel of all windows in that app, then you click to open the one you want. An attachment browser with a similar UI would be great, although a few adjustments would be necessary:

    – needs to be a slight delay (configurable) in activating the mouseover so stray mouse moves don’t trigger a cascade of popups
    – pop up would need to have a dedicated “Open” button so you can skip the “view” and just open the app in the native application. Simply clicking on the popup thumbnail would bring up the viewer, which itself should have a dedicated “Open” button.
    – You should be able to view the entire contents of a “folder” (i.e. document) as thumbnails (or the contents of a zip file), especially for graphic doc types
    – Would be nice to show other available actions (e.g. print, email, etc.) from within the preview thumbnail or full viewer.

    I’ve actually been working on some related code for displaying and opening attachments via a cleaner UI in the Notes client (classic) that shows attachments in a table format with name, size, last modified columns. The biggest challenge was getting the attachments to open in the correct application and give it focus afterward. I’ve managed to overcome those issues for MS Office, PDF, txt files, but have a few bugs to work out for graphic files, but I’m only working in a Windows environment. Does this tool facilitate opening in the native app as well as just viewing the attachments (and if so is it platform independent?)

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