Extension Points and OSGI services, what’s the difference?

If you are new to Eclipse you may have heard of Extension Points and OSGI services.  Then, when you learn what each of them are you might ask yourself “Why two ways to provide extensibility at the code level?”.  I have been asked this many times over the years and my responses are probably more confusing than helpful.  Neil Bartlett has an excellent article about this and it is a must read.  Why is this important?  Well, if you are following the Domino server and other server based technologies you hear about “we support OSGI services” – that means that services, not extension points, are supported.  My attachment viewer is another good example.  I want my conversion/preview servlet to be used both from a Domino Server side and from a local web container side.   Given that, OSGI services is the choice!

More to come on that…

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