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As many readers have been reading on my site the attachment viewer has gotten a lot of attention both on the site, internally at IBM and also in my personal email.  This last update actually broke in a couple of places – first was the MAC issue where I unintentionally put requirements on a specific bundles (something that Eclipse does automatically when you select a dependency).  And second – the debug options are displaying by default.  I figured I would take this time to explain what the debug options are.

  1. This is the URL of the page, I use this URL to open the viewer in an external browser for testing (Firefox, etc).
  2. This is the information passed into the JavaScript side of the application
  3. This is the JSON representation of the array passed into the selection handler in JavaScript.  You can copy and paste this into the #4 area and click Submit to test the viewer in the external browser.
  4. The form used in the external browser to test the viewer with a specific content type.

I have since added a preference screen to enable the Debug options as an end user and this preference screen will be used for more future preferences.

Since this is really a weekend and night project I will be working on it as so but I am also pretty excited to work on this because of the many people already playing with it and providing feedback.

My next steps are to make the Syntax highlighter an OSGI service and introduce the OSGI service extension so more converters can be added easily in the future.

Hopefully I can get an update out before the end of the week.  The first thing I need to do is come up with a basic test script so I am not causing stupid regressions!

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  1. A lot of eyes are following this project. As you know, the first version installed succesfully on WinXP Notes 8.5.1. Then, you released the second version and problems arisen. It was impossible to set up on a Mac and a lot of problems on Windows. So we are waiting for fresh news. Regards.

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