Get the Lotus Notes attachment viewer today!

Disclaimer – this code is really hot off the press so use at your own risk!.

I am currently getting the code approved for OpenNTF so you will actually be able to play with the Eclipse project and even contribute.  There are literally dozens of ideas coming in already, hopefully we get people contributing to this project in the long run.

Here is the widget to install the viewer using Widgets:

You can also install through the Eclipse update site manager with this URL –

Any and all comments are welcome.  I have heard of issues on Mac and Linux.  I will probably move to use XULRunner versus IE as the default browser eventually.  Then it will at least be consistent across platforms.  So if you find problems on different operating systems, images, etc let me know.  Here is a list of what files are currently supported:

  • jpg,bmp,gif,png
  • swf
  • pdf
  • xml, html, txt, java, c, cpp,h,hpp,php,xml
  • And then I just place anything else in an <object> block

I think a small tutorial to get the viewer into your email would be nice also, but you could attempt to follow these instructions in the mean time.


10 thoughts on “Get the Lotus Notes attachment viewer today!

  1. Bob, do you know about any way how to install it when I’m (due to the policies) allowed to install widgets? Some way how to get it in from behind? Cheers

  2. Works great in my Mac 8.5.1 client!
    Now one thing that I’m missing is support for .doc files. Images and PDFs seem to work just fine. Maybe you could add an extension point that we can leverage to add file converters, e.g. from .doc to .html with some freeware libraries.

  3. @Chris – unfortunately I agree with Admins, they need to control their environments as they see fit. The key is convincing them to deploy specific plugins into the environment or deploy catalogs of approved Widgets.

  4. Congratulations Bob for this excellent stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing. More like this one !!

    A step by step guide to merge with the mail template would be VERY good. I have read the developerworks document you have referenced but I think only developers can set up.

    And for a second version, if you add M$ AND Symphony documents support it would be great, great…

    Kind regards,

    A frequent visitor and reader.

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