Demo: Attachment viewer for Notes 8

So I was challenged a couple of days ago by Art Thomas to give him an attachment viewer for when he receives images, movies, etc in mail and he just wants to immediately view them without launching them individually.  I started thinking about how I would implement it and I came to the conclusion that we kind of have the ultimate viewer right at our disposable – the SWT Browser!  So in short, watch the video and let me know what you think.

I gave this out internally for now as a Widget and also showed some people how to change their mail application to have the viewer embedded into Memo and Reply forms (as I demonstrate in the video).  I think this project will be good for OpenNTF and a couple of tutorial videos on how I did it….more to come.

For video click more.

ps. You may have to wait for the full video to download, it may pause until it buffers.


8 thoughts on “Demo: Attachment viewer for Notes 8

  1. Very cool! I wanna have it! 🙂
    If you need a beta tester for Mac OS X, WinXP or Win7, just let me know.
    Grabbing the attachment selection is interesting. Had not expected that it’s possible.

  2. Very, very slick! Are you considering adding support for other doc types and maybe using symphony for that?

  3. Very cool indeed. Keep up the good work Bob. Have to agree with the comment of Patrick. Since Notes is on Eclipse it is really time for a new integrated attachment viewer.

  4. Hi Bob

    Any chance you can replace the video on this webpage? I’ve tried 5 times now to play and it gets so far, stops and DOESN’T start again. But the main problem – there’s no controls, so I can’t rewind, I can’t pause and see the buffer transfer .. nothing 🙂

    I’ll gladly come back when it’s done – would love to see what you’ve done here – the default viewer is pants! I have been using Notes for too many years (since v2) and I STILL, when opening an image go to View to see the zoom controls .. and then my brain catches up and sees the added Viewer menu! 🙂


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