A distributed EventAdmin service, connecting LotusScript with Eclipse Java, again…

I have written about inter component communication often on this blog – as the Property Broker is the key message queue for composite applications.  One article I wrote about; where you can use an EventAdmin bridge to get OSGI services communicating with regular visual components.  I then wrote about getting Lotus Script to speak to Java using an EventAdmin abstraction but I never really discussed how it could be done.  You will most likely have to use an LSX but how do you get the stuff over to Java?  You could figure out the inter-process communication (IPC) stuff and role your own.  Or, you could use the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) and connect the processes through a pipe.  This article shows how something like this could be pieced together.  The only issue would be you would have to figure out the protocol of ECF which is well documented and open source.  This diagram shows how the pieces fit together:

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the description of the ECF work and pointer. Just for the record, all ECF protocoles/providers implemented by the ECF team are open source…although there certainly can be closed source (and/or commercial) protocol providers due to our open architecture (I don’t know of any commercial providers at this point, however). You are of course right that some providers are better documented than others…this is something that we are doing what we can to address…given current resource limitations. Again, thanks.

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