Tungle.me: The social calendar that does it all!

I installed Tungle a couple of days ago and my first impressions of the site, WordPress plugin, the Notes plugin, and even the iPhone application (essentially all of the places I use calendar) is the stuff just works!  Ok, so saying it “does it all” may be a bit misleading but in my mind with the depth of function, calendars and devices supported its pretty impressive for a young product.

The application is so easy to use on all of the devices that I have to give the Tungle team kudos for making what I consider “brilliant software”. The site allows you to sync with many different calendars, check out the screen shot with all of the various options available:

Lastly, here is a cool widget you can use on your site to have your readers schedule meetings with you. So now, business partners and customers can use my Tungle.me profile to see when I can have a meeting with them.


One thought on “Tungle.me: The social calendar that does it all!

  1. Bob,
    Great post!
    Thanks so much for the Tungle love. If there is anything we can do (answer questions, support etc), please let us know. We really appreciate the support.
    All the best,

    VP Marketing – Tungle Corp.


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