Six month contract for Lotus Expeditor Developer/Administrator

I wanted to pass this on, I received this in my personal email.  If you are interested in this job I can get you in touch with Mani.


This is Mani from Deegit IT Solutions Inc. Here is the requirement open with us. If you are interested please get back to me with your latest word formatted resume along with contact details.

Job Title: Lotus Expeditor – Systems Architect/Engineer/Administrator

Location: Chicago, IL

Duration: 6 Months

Must possess hands-on experience in the administration of Lotus Expeditor

Candidate will need to have deep knowledge of how to create composite applications using Lotus Expeditor, in conjunction with Websphere Portal.

Candidate should have experience assembling composite applications that span diverse environments, including:

  • Java based home grown applications,
  • Web based applications both internal and third party,
  • Windows based applications
  • 3270 and 5250 applications

Candidate should have experience with development environments comprised of  representative tools such as:

  • Window Builder Pro
  • Expeditor Toolkit
  • Expeditor Client
  • Drools
  • Eclipse/JBoss Dev studio,
  • ClearCase Plug-in

Candidate will be expected to author policies and procedures defining how to use Lotus Expeditor in the client’s setting to provision composite applications.

Please send resumes ASAP

Thanks & Regards,


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  1. please tell me the job location and also tell that foreigners can apply from pakistan or not and send me your email so that i will send you the resume


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