Does anyone actually read ebooks on their iPhone?

I downloaded The Kindle application for my iPhone but have yet to purchase a book.  I am just not sure if I see myself reading a book on my iPhone.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. Bob – I do a little reading with the Kindle app, typically in 15-20 minute spurts – for example, while traveling to/from work on the train, or while sitting in the yard, etc. It’s OK for short periods but I plan on getting an ipad at some point for more involved reading.

  2. It makes more sense if you have another Kindle device (real Kindle, or Kindle on iPad) as your primary reader. Then you can use the iPhone for reading in spurts (like Mike said) and it syncs the last read page with your primary device. Very handy while waiting in line or something.

  3. I love reading on my iPhone. The page width is perfect for a fast vertical scan and pages turn quickly. I often read for more than an hour. I doubt that I’ll ever buy a Kindle but there is an iPad in my future… Hopefully one with Retina display.

    There are lots of free and 99 cent books to test with.

  4. i used Kindle for iphone and ipad , iphone is only when im waiting for something and dont want to stare into the air for 5 minutes.

    ipad edition is for the majority of the reading , think i will get a kindle 2 for outdoor reading and to get away from the glossy screen

  5. That’s what the iPad is for, can’t imagine reading for long periods on an iPhone. Claire is constantly reading books on the iPad, she loves it.

  6. Looks like I may have to buy a book and see how it is. I read email on the iPhone all of the time but like most of you have said its in short spurts.

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