Why I stopped linking to my PlanetLotus posts

So I read the post from Marie Scott on the top 15 ways to get higher ratings on Planet Lotus and found the #1 way to be interesting.  While yes, you can certainly link the Planet Lotus URL via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook but there is a fundamental flaw with this.  I did this for almost a year and decided to stop doing it because I could not tell where my readers were truly coming from.  Planet Lotus was by far my #1 referrer and actually still is but not as much.  My numbers are down on Planet Lotus but my statistics show a much more diverse readership.  I now have referrers coming from all over the internet and many are directly from LinkedIn and Twitter.  Planet Eclipse also continues to be a good source of readers but it has always been separated since the way it does aggregation.

So in the end, if you want to see how many of your readers reference LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook – or any other social site you might want to consider not linking to the Planet Lotus URL.

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