Software is a team sport

That line was taken from Making it Big in Software by Sam Lightstone.  I really love this book and since I have read it I have used it frequently as my little hidden consultant and mentor.  The great thing about the book is it really is a mentor because it literally hits on every aspect of my job at IBM.  I do have a primary team at IBM but the reality is I am on many teams.  Management teams, documentation teams, test teams, development teams, sales teams, etc.  IBM is a massive company and many times your product or your skill set is required to help any one of those areas – whether its in a new sale or a critical situation with a large customer – you can get called on at any time.  The book goes into talking about the difference between School and Profession – where it states how school makes you be selfish in your ideas and work while the professional world is the exact opposite – teamwork prevails!

So once again, I highly recommend this book but I also want to give my readers the importance of working as a team.  I love sharing information and I love giving credit where credit is due, heck I love it when the team creates something amazing or does something well.  If you are on a software team, remember…. it is a team sport!

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  1. Hi Bob, I’m also an IBMer (at Rational). I believe that many of the same fundamental principles of effective teamwork apply just as much to software as they do to sports, arts, military operations and other types of business. People in different domains often like to think of what they do as being unique and while there may be domain-specific skills such as writing code, handling a basketball or playing an instrument, the concepts of collaboration are quite universal. Many situations have a very real need for teamwork because no matter how good someone is, there is only so much and so well one person can do especially when there are constraints such as time. I blog about the parallels between sports, software, music and other activities at my site – Thanks for the pointer to Lightstone’s book. I had not heard of it and will definitely look it up. It’s great when you find a book that has ongoing value.

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