Intents have lots of applications

I have been playing around with the Android SDK with Eclipse in my spare time, I introduced it here, and my latest discover is Intents.  For a quick primer on what these can do you should really watch the second day key note from Google IO(see below).  What is amazing is I can easily see the benefit of having something like this in the Notes client or simply on my laptop as a service.   Many times I want to send a file, document or URL to my device so I can take it quickly on the go.  I currently just post it as a draft or email to myself so my iPhone will get it.  With Intents and an Android device I can do this more elegantly!  I can send custom URL’s to my Android cell phone and have the proper application automatically open the content or process the content.

Watch the video and I think you will see this has a lot of applications and use cases.


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