All web developers, please use “email”, “number”, and “url” types for input!

I can’t tell you how nice the custom keyboard on the iPhone is for sites that are using type=”number”, type=”email” and type=”url” on their forms.  You can check out this article I found that explains all of the different keyboards the iPhone supports.  I also found another good article that hits on a few more nice to knows in the mobile web space.

3 thoughts on “All web developers, please use “email”, “number”, and “url” types for input!

  1. Of course, an EditBox control in Xpages doesn’t allow you to set the type attribute, at least as far as I can tell. So you can’t designate the input as type=”number” or type=”url” as the article recommends.

    Bummer. Perhaps there’s a way to do it with a Theme.

  2. I recently brought this exact same thing up in the beta forums for 8.5.2 and was told that it would be looked at for future releases.

    I persoanlly would love to see this added to xPages sooner rather then later for the exact same reaons you just want to see it.

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