JDojo is not GWT!

After my two previous posts I have received a lot of questions and interest in JDojo so I figure I would pass on a section of the Jazz site that explains what JDojo is compared to GWT.

GWT is a cross-compiler, web runtime and window toolkit.

However, Jazz ships Dojo as a web runtime and window toolkit, greatly enhanced by home-brew server side logic to support OSGi web bundles, dynamic merging and shrinking of JavaScript code etc. While it would certainly be possible to integrate GWT in the Jazz architecture, it would not be a perfect fit. Additionally, it is hard to provide a “growth path” to migrate from the current Web UI story to GWT, it is an all or nothing approach.

Additionally, the code generated by GWT is object-oriented bytecode – it is not meant to be read by humans nor does it provide a growth path for gradually migrating an existing JavaScript web application into a GWT applications. Last but not least, integrating the generated code into an Eclipse environment would be much harder.

That page also explains that JDojo is a work in progress as is the ScriptEngine.  For JDojo to be successful it definitely needs more resources and open its doors to the open source community.  I think this is an excellent concept and being a Java developer the only thing I need to do is really learn the Dojo framework.

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