Book Review: Making it Big in Software

This book was captivating from the preface.  I knew it would be a good read after the first chapter.   This book is a must read for software professionals, students, and managers in the software industry.

The book gave some very interesting quotes from the industries most successful people.  Chapter 2 has the “reality checks” section and it is something I can definitely relate with.  The Lotus community is an interesting group where “compatibility” and “new” must coexist peacefully – so in short somethings get widely accepted while others fade away.

“Great innovations, brilliant new technology, and breakthrough ideas are truly great only if people use them and find them valuable.”

If you are in school or nearing your degree completion Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 are absolute must reads.  The chapter on resumes is critical to anyone applying or changing jobs and the following chapter (Chapter 5) is even more critical with the tips for the interview process.  Great stuff!

By the time I got to Chapter 15 I realized this book was more than just “making it big in software”.  This book is a guide for making it big in any company!

The ending chapters are what I consider the areas where I have been personally focusing my career on for the past 5 years – Patents, Publishing, Presenting, etc.  I do believe in the myself that I can in fact master any technology or new idea and I think that is important for longevity in this field.  I started my blog to make my writing style better and in my own opinion at least I feel it has gotten a little better over the years.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has a job!

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