Buyer’s Guide to SaaS E-mail

So I just got my Information Week and there is a great article in it called “Buyer’s Guide to SaaS E-Mail“.  You won’t see the nice comparison table in the online article – which is why I get the printed version – so I will attempt to explain a little of it here.  In a nutshell, IBM Lotus Live is the cheapest by far when you include the fact encryption is included for free.  It is tied for the lowest amount of free disk space (1 GB) with NaviSite but I am not entirely sure if that is a blocker for many.  What I am surprised is how many companies are trying to get into this game.  The table shows 10 players which include the usual cast (IBM, Microsoft, and Google) and of course 7 others, a couple other popular companies but most of which I have not heard of.  The author goes into some detail about Active Directory integration and how most SaaS providers will not offer it.  Interestingly enough, the article barely mentions IBM or Lotus but the chart clearly shows its one of the least expensive options.

You can learn more about Lotus Live and what it offers on the Lotus Live site.

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