VMForce.com looks interesting

I was actually researching the OpenSocial specification and did a Google search on what sites use OpenSocial.  To no surprise, there are clearly two camps here – Facebook and OpenSocial.  With the announcement of MS Office for Facebook you can clearly see the two camps that have been formed.  Check out an interesting slide presentation from Jawad Shuaib – yes it was posted quite some time ago but I think it is still somewhat relevant (you can also see it below).  One small point is that SalesForce.com supports OpenSocial and it is arguably an extremely successful product.  With the introduction of VMWare integrated with SalesForce.com services (vmforce.com) the development platform potential is amazing.  Check out the article written by Bernd Harzog where he outlines some of the speculations of what this will actually be.  A key attractive point from one developer (me) is this:

“Then how about if developers of Force.com applications are given the option of building these apps in the traditional SalesForce.com tools, or also via Spring, Groovy, and Grails (the SpringSource development tools). This would in the long term get SalesForce.com out of the developer tool business, which it probably does not want to spend money on in any case.”

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  2. Nope. And you’re not mentioning Eclipse in your blog post. In general I come to Planet Eclipse for content related to Eclipse. I have other feeds, other ways to get ahold of tech news.

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