Did Microsoft just derail Google?

I am pretty sure most, if not all, of the readers of this blog have read about or have seen Microsoft Docs and how it integrates with Facebook.  There was another article on ZDNet that asked this same question “Is Microsoft Docs really a ‘Google Docs killer’ and four other questions (and answers)“.

I think this is a great play for Microsoft because Facebook is so damn popular right now; they are going to hit a ton of young and old users right out of the gate.  A key line from the ZDNet article is this:

“Those documents will always have the polish and finish of Office as they move easily from the cloud to the desktop to a mobile device and back. No one else provides this type of seamless experience across the PC, mobile phone and browser.”

The challenge I think is, are people really going to use this on Facebook?  I do not know many people who are using Facebook for actual business data.  I can see this as a play for Microsoft’s future – ie. get our kids hooked on MS Office so they are trained for it when they hit the business world.  And when they hit the business world they will just expect a “seamless experience across the PC, mobile phone and browser”.

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