Oh Canada…

2010-canada_034_tnThe trip is over, after 4 days with 5 kids and just me and Kim I think I need a vacation!  I lived in New York almost my entire life and I had never been to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls.  As you can see from the pictures the falls are a lot different from the other side – it was very cool!

We went on just about every attraction related to the Falls as you can.  The Maid of The Mist boat ride was awesome, of course it was like taking a shower but the ponchos came in very handy.

2010-canada_036_tnThe horse shoe falls are much more exciting than the American Falls.  We went behind them in one of the tours and then we watched the Niagara Fury video along with the new attraction – the kids loved it and learned a lot.  Going behind the falls was somewhat anti-climatic since the only thing you saw was falling white water – which, in the pictures just looked like a bright white wall behind everyone.

There was certainly a lot of mist on the boat ride!

My favorite quotes from the 5 kids (who ranged from 7 years old to 15) are these:

“Is France in Canada?  No.  Then why do they speak French?”

“Can someone roll down the window, someone is breathing all of my air?”

“Are most Canadians left handed?”

On the way home – “What state are we in?” (btw, we live in NY and its attached to the Falls).

I also wanted to say thank you to all of the kids, you were great!


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