Eclipse Rich Client Platform, Second Edition

I just read from Chris’s blog the second edition for the ever so popular book Eclipse Rich Client Platform can be pre-ordered at this time.  Check out the books site and pre-order your copy today.  This series has been what I consider the books to get your head around what Eclipse really offers, if you are serious about Eclipse or any of the products based on Eclipse then this book is for you.  This is not a book review and I could of course be wrong about promoting this but I am pretty sure from this case of authors and editors the information within will be well worth it.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Rich Client Platform, Second Edition

  1. I was considering buying this book but then I read some articles about eclipse 4 which is being released mid this year? If new to RCP aren’t we better off waiting for eclipse 4 so we don’t learn too much about stuff that will become redundant? Just wondering what your opinion is on this. Do you know much about eclipse 4 and will it change RCP development much?

  2. Are you talking about E4 or actually Eclipse 4? E4 is an incubator project and many of its technologies are being brought into Eclipse 3.5.x. Actual Eclipse 4 could be years off.

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