Blog spam is out of control!

Not sure where to begin with this one but I want to let my readers know the pain and suffering I go through each day.  If it wasn’t for the fact I have a WordPress application on my iPhone and marking comments as spam is as easy as a single click I think I would just kill the site.  I am now getting 5-20 spam posts a day on this site and I even have a basic spam control on the comment form.  I could log into the actual site each day and click the spam button on each of these but I like just doing it on my iPhone as soon as I see a comment.  The one thing I do not want is these people getting any hits or clicks from my site so deleting them as soon as possible is imperative.   I guess this is just “business as usual” as a site becomes more popular, I can’t imagine how bad this is for really popular sites!

7 thoughts on “Blog spam is out of control!

  1. My site gets plenty of spam comments but they never get through. The Domino blogging template from Mr. Castledine has a really excellent spam filtering capability — probably best I have seen on any blog technology anywhere.

  2. I agree with Ed. The spam filter in the Domino blog template really helps us a lot. Until now, we haven’t received a single spam comment.

    The funny thing is that I upgraded to Domino 8.5.2 CD4 on our dev machine yesterday and received 5 spam mails in the first 30 minutes after the upgrade, which is a lot more than usual. Then I realized that I had removed our anti spam solution SpamGeek (free and very great tool from Daniel Nashed ) during the upgrade. SpamGeek helps us with the rest of the mail that comes through regular email.

  3. Looks like Ed and Karsten beatme to it but I will add my $.02. Dominoblog Rocks. I have 10 sites with thousands of daily visit and a ton of spam but I never see the spam.

    Kudos to Mr. Castledine.

  4. For I happily use Mollom ( Our site currently gets up to 150 spam attempts per day, and none get through. This plugin deletes obvious spam immediately and only shows a captcha when their is doubt.

    I knew the feeling,

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