Using Widgets to manage and deploy plug-ins to Lotus Notes

Many customers are in the process of upgrading to Notes 8.x and specifically 8.5.1 and are very excited about Eclipse development.  A common question is how can we manage these plug-ins and deploy them to the client?  Here is a great link to get started in the Domino Administrator help.

“While Widgets and Live Text can be used to deploy a variety of Live Text and gadget-like capabilities to client users, they play a unique role in installing and updating (deploying and provisioning) feature plug-ins and policies to all managed clients in the IBM® Lotus® Domino®-administered enterprise, including IBM® Lotus® Notes® as well as IBM® Lotus® Expeditor® clients.”

3 thoughts on “Using Widgets to manage and deploy plug-ins to Lotus Notes

  1. Yes the possibility to deploy plugins as widgets is a nice idea, but i think Lotus should improve the process in future release. For example why in the world do i get two notififications that i should restart the client after a widget upgrade. One in the right bottom corner of my windows session and a normal dialog box.

    And please if a widget will get deployed by a policy on the notes startup please make the restart process automatic. It is really anoying for a new user that when he starts his client the first time the first impression of the notes client is that he have to restart the client and after he clicked yes he will be asked if he is sure to restart the client. That looks really bad, from a usibility view point.

  2. I wanted to just let you know that we made some key improvements to the Widgets and Live Text Domino Admin help topics (including that policy topic) in 8.5.1 and I was wondering if you might want to change the help link in the post to the 8.5.1 version help, the link presently points to the 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 version help. Totally up to you of course 🙂

    From 8.0.2 Domino Administrator help topic at

    To 8.5.1 Domino Administrator help topic at

    Also, theres a nice wiki post on deploying the Widgets and Live Text tools (Widgets: Policies and Roll Out Best Practices) at

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