Book Review: Learning jQuery 1.3

This book (Learning jQuery 1.3) took me a little longer to get through, it wasn’t for the lack of interest or anything like that, it was because I was compelled to go through the samples because they were so great!  I really loved this book and I recommend it to anyone looking at jQuery.  I really love JQuery, it is simple, elegant and extremely powerful.  It is clear the creators of jQuery knew exactly what they were creating with this amazing library and community.  Since I have read the book I have been playing with plug-ins and reading the community forums.  The samples are excellent and extremely easy to follow.  Even if you are new to JavaScript this book walks you through all of it and even gives you tips for JavaScript best practices throughout the book.  While the samples are really good, what is even better is the Appendix – it has an excellent series of appendix.  There is an appendix for Tools for each of the browsers, JavaScript Closures, and a quick reference for the library.

Lastly, anyone interested in learning or getting started with jQuery I would highly recommend this great book.  I know I will use this as a reference for quite some time.

You can also preview Chapter 4 prior to buying this book.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: Learning jQuery 1.3

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  4. Shouldn’t you read “Learning Dojo” 😉
    I was already thinking about buying a jQuery book for some time. You just made it easier for me.
    I already use jQuery a bit and like it a lot.
    Thank you.


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  6. I tried, I also ordered the book on but when I tried to post my comment it says that
    ** You must have purchased items from Amazon to post.
    I will try again a bit later but maybe they block my comment because I live in Germany / Europe.


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