Do you want XPage components in the side bar?

Looks like I lost two posts when they moved my blog between servers!  I am going to post these back here.  For this specific one,  if you answered prior that you would like this can you please do it again.  There was a request for what customers would want such a thing.

One of the biggest wins for Lotus Notes at Lotusphere was the fact that XPages can run in the 8.5.1 client.  You can, in that release, also have XPages as components in composite applications.  This also means you can have XPage components in the side bar and somewhat standardize XPage technology as your component UI technology but it needs to be in a composite currently.  This is all great but one piece of feedback was “How do I just put an XPage widget in the side bar without being in a composite?”.  The question was intriguing because it also exposed another gotcha.

There are two primary use cases for having something always live in the side bar:

  1. Just live there and be available for a specific function.
  2. Interact with the currently selected context – ie. respond or show information based on a view selection or tie an event into a Live Text action.

The first one would work fine, the second one would not work today.  The problem is, there is no “Workbench Selection” or “Selection” event in an XPage today.  We would also have to standardize on serialized workbench selections – objects that can be sent over a pipe or use JSON.  As for Live Text integration – this would also be a feature request to get this integration into Widgets (or Toolbox).

I would like to hear the thoughts of my readers on this.  I do understand many are just getting into XPages and components but it would be interesting to hear from the community their take on this.

7 thoughts on “Do you want XPage components in the side bar?

  1. I’m in favor of linking this to Live Text. Live Text is a competitive differentiator, and anything that enhances this capability and makes it easier to extend should be a priority.

  2. Thanks Phil, can you say what company you work for? As much information you can give on your requirements would be great.

    Are you using XPages in the client today with Notes 8.5.1?

  3. XPages in the sidebar without composite app would be a very good thing. Should be deployable as widget as easy as other widgets.

    And if we have XPages in the sidebar, the request for getting the currently selected document will come. So this should be available immediately, too.
    Could be a simple JSON object with db (server, replicaID) and unid of the selected document.

  4. It would be great to have xpages in the sidebar without doing “hacks” like go through a composite app or using the http server. Should be as easy as putting a notes form or view in the sidebar. Of course interaction with current context would be useful in many cases

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