Lotus Traveler is the killer app for the iPhone

And its not even an app!

So I have had the iPhone for about 6 months now and I have to say it is an amazing device.  Everyone I show the iPhone to is amazed with the different things it can do and the applications it can run.  The biggest surprises I get are when I explain, and sometimes show them, how my calendar, email, and contacts all sync with the iPhone and that its not really even software its just another account.  I have also updated my Notes contacts many times and it reaches the device within minutes.  People who don’t have this capability – which I would assume are most general consumers, are amazed when I show them I just edit my Notes contacts and it synchronizes to the device.  I have also explained that a few times I had to reset the device and it was nothing more than a re-sync to get everything back.  Now that I can accept and reject calendar invites it is almost a complete workstation when it comes to contacts, email, and my schedule.  My girlfriend calls me Jack Bauer because I can do so many things with it and she laughs every time I call it a device and not a phone.

Once again, great job Traveler team!

1 thought on “Lotus Traveler is the killer app for the iPhone

  1. Calling your iPhone a phone or a mobile just would not be a fair description of it, I agree.
    I got myself a Milestone (called a Droid in the US), and I also tend to call it a SmartPhone or Device.

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